uWatch Ltd designs, develops and manufactures disruptive generic alerting systems with a wide range of applications.

Those in the field of crime prevention are police approved under Secured by Design and include measures to be implemented or deployed before, during and after a crime has occurred.

uWatch-it app is a free to use asset register that includes evidential pictures.

The uWatch Cube is a cyber-certified, battery, solar or mains powered alerting device, hence it is able to be installed anywhere, and redeployed as required.  It alerts you asleep in your bed if someone is in your vehicle, shed, tractor or trying to break into your container, in 10 seconds.

Remote LoRa Tags alert the Cube to activity and have a range of up to 2 km.

WeWatch is a business or local community driven information system, not based on social media, which redistributes relevant information back to the members of the group without publicising it to all and sundry yet making it readily available to Police Intelligence Officers.

ANPR all uWatch Apps include the Automatic Number Plate Recognition System feature which allows users to instantly check a vehicle against the DVLA database.

For more information see our Cube Uses page or speak to a member of our team at 01491 651229