"Our Solar Cubes are used for security and making out visitors feel safe" -James, National Trust, Somerset

Two solar Cubes monitoring the Wellington Monument car park in Taunton, Somerset.



“Our uWatch Cubes are used to monitor farmyard and field gateways, and have been in use for a number of years. The farmyard cube gives notice by alert and photo via the mobile App when a person or vehicle enters the yard. The field gate cube was installed after an instance of fly tipping to provide an alert and photograph of any entry into the field via a hard track. uWatch technical support and help is very efficiently and helpfully provided by telephone or email. The system is updated as and when required. Observations and suggestions by customers are welcomed.” -William, Rutland




“I use the cube in my van for security, as it will take a photo and will give a GPS location. I also have a Lora Tag in the cab of the van to detect movement. This gives me peace of mind as I am notified of any movements via the app on my phone. The support from uWatch has been amazing If I needed any help or information they responded quickly. I like the cube as it has its own sim card so I don’t need to rely on it connecting to Wi-Fi.” -Michael, Surrey





“I have an apiary some distance from my home and I'm aware of possible criminal activity. I have uWatch Cubes monitoring the majority of the hives.” -Mark, Devon





“I’ve had my cube for a couple of years now and I really love it for the peace of mind it gives me. I use it inside my beloved converted van which is parked in a public place, so I would know if anyone was to gain entry. It’s easy to use and set up which is a plus. I’ve spoken to customer service on various occasions and they’ve always been really helpful, and I’ve always got through to a human who actually seems to want to help. I would recommend a uWatch Cube to any van owners that need protection and you don’t need to have wi-Fi in the van.” -Cal, South-West UK



"I use a uWatch Flat Cube and Tags to monitor a tractor barn and a shed where I keep farm machinery and a quad bike. These buildings are about 300 meters from my house and 50 meters from another building where I have installed the Flat Cube. The system works really well and alerts me on my phone if there is any attempt to enter the tractor barn or shed where the quad bike is stored. I use the PIR sensors and the vibration sensors on the Tags to trigger the alarm through the Flat Cube. I thoroughly recommend the system as it is very easy to install and gives great peace of mind. I am hoping uWatch will add a feature so that I can turn on a floodlight if there is any attempt to enter the buildings where these vehicles are stored." -Ron, West Sussex



"My mother wanted to continue to live in the family home after my father died. We got the Cube to alert my phone that she is up and about every day .. peace of mind … if I don’t get the alerts, which are not intrusive as I have the Cube’s camera switched off, then I’m on the phone or round to her house.  I have the 2nd Cube ever sold back in 2017 and it still serves me well and has recently saved my mother’s life when I spotted on the alert the temperature in the house was 9 deg, the boiler had packed up." -David, Hampshire