About Us

uWatch started in 2014, with an initial idea for a battery-powered electronic rat trap. The first prototype was a simple PIR sensor that could alert you via smartphone thanks to 2G technology. Soon after its creation it was determined catching rats was very similar to catching criminals and development started & the idea developed into a sensor-rich computer, called The Cube.

In 2016 the introduction of a camera, shock & temperature sensor created the base of what the Cube is today & it allowed further configuration of the Cube so that it could be used in various applications. 

In 2017 uWatch ltd officially launched Bee.Watch & Introduced Bluetooth technology to the Cube enabling it to communicate with tags further increasing its functionality. 

In 2018 significant investment was made to start using 3D printers to help speed up research & development and aid with the manufacturing of the Cube & in 2019 we introduced our nighttime camera allowing the Cube to take photographic evidence of intruders or pests 24/7. During this time we partnered with Staffordshire Police providing 25 cameras to help tackle rural crime whilst working with other forces on similar projects.

During 2020 & the global pandemic we began to develop LoRa as we continued to look at improving the Cube & in 2021 we were asked by Surrey Police Force to provide 400 Cubes to help tackle rural crime. 

Development continued in 2021 with a 4G & Solar Cube being developed to help usher in the next generation of Cube technology.
Following a year of R&D and the introduction of LoRa, we began manufacturing Cubes that could utilize 4G, LoRa, and began rolling out our Solar Powered Cubes in 2022. With our new generation of Cube now available we have also begun working with the National Trust on several security projects. 

We continue to work with many police forces and other agencies to help tackle crime whilst also continuing work on developing the Cube to lead the way in low-voltage security solutions that are easy to install and cost-effective.