uWatch Environmental Policy Statement

uWatch is committed to sustainable development as a guiding principle, concern for the environment is a fundamental part of this commitment. Our policy is to reduce the impact of uWatch’s operations on the environment. Our aim is to promote sustainability and environmental awareness in all our staff by:

  • Complying with all applicable environmental legislation and sustainability commitments.
  • Taking steps to minimise the carbon footprint of our business activities in conjunction with other climate change adaptation measures.
  • Preventing pollution and reducing consumption of resources through promotion of waste minimisation, re-use, recovery and recycling, as appropriate.
  • Incorporating energy efficiency measures into our facilities and promoting efficient energy use in our business activities.
  • Investing in technologies that provide alternatives to business travel.
  • Ensuring our procurement programme takes into account the environmental impact of products and services and their transportation.
  • Ensuring our staff are aware of the environmental impacts of their work activities and encourage them to minimise those impacts and promote new initiatives.
  • Promoting the protection and enhancement of biodiversity and the environment to staff and stakeholders.
  • Pursuing continuous improvement by regular practice reviews.


Responsibility for Implementation

Responsibility for ensuring the effective implementation and communication of this policy lies with the Managing Director.

Wherever possible we will act to support this policy. The management team will ensure that they and their staff are aware of and operate within this policy and take all reasonable and practical steps to avoid unlawful discrimination.

Any complaints or grievances that come within the scope of this policy will be dealt with and investigated fairly, confidentially and in accordance with all relevant company policies. Anyone who, in good faith, raises a complaint or grievance under this policy will not be penalised for doing so.

This policy is to be implemented in conjunction with other relevant company policies and information.  

This policy will be reviewed every two years as a minimum and/or in line with legislative changes. 

Last Reviewed October 2021