LoRa Conversion with Free Tag

£150.00 (Ex. VAT)
(£180.00 Inc. VAT)

Get your Cube back online and secure your property with our LoRa conversion package and receive a FREE LoRa Tag.

The Cube has undergone significant development since the Bluetooth variant.

  • Faster connectivity alerts within 30 seconds
  • Improved battery consumption (300 plus alerts)
  • Cannot be Jammed!

The main benefit of course is pairing the Cube with LoRa Tags, up to 10 tags can connect to the Cube simultaneously. To Increase the area one Cube can monitor, establish a perimeter, or even employ our police-approved vehicle theft prevention system (video). 

  • The Cube can connect to a Tag reliably over 500m with a clear line of sight.
  • Suitable for mounting on gates, doors, plant machinery, personal belongings & much more.
  • Tags are Shock Sensor variant.


Exercising this option Your Cube will be upgraded with LoRa capabilities and the SIM contract renewed (re-activation fee waved). For the conversion to be performed you will need to return your Cube to uWatch.

Depending on the condition of your Cube, it may be necessary to perform maintenance to reactivate the Cube of where you may incur additional charges.