Shock Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor

£45.50 (Ex. VAT)
(£54.60 Inc. VAT)

The LoRa Shock Tag can be used with uWatch LoRa Smart Cubes to detect the physical movement of a door, machine, or object. Sensitive to even the slightest knock, the Tag can let you know if someone is attempting to get through a door before they get through, giving you time to act. When activated, the Tag will trigger the Cube to send a real-time alert via the uWatch app straight to your smartphone. Using LoRa Technology, the tag has a range of 0.5km. This however can be extended with external antennas allowing it to reach 2km.

The Tag has 2 built-in screw holes to help with installation, can be mounted in any orientation, and is designed to be weather-resistant. Tags can be named which helps you Identify where the alert has been triggered. Tags can be used for Mounting on gates, doors, plant machinery & personal belongings. 

Not compatible with Bluetooth Cubes.