Shock Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor

£45.50 (Ex. VAT)
(£54.60 Inc. VAT)

The LoRa Shock Tag can be used with uWatch LoRa Smart Cubes to detect the physical movement of a door, machine, or object. Sensitive to even the slightest knock, the Tag can let you know if someone is attempting to get through a door before they get through, giving you time to act. When activated, the Tag will trigger the Cube to send a real-time alert via the uWatch app straight to your smartphone. Using LoRa Technology, the tag has a range of 0.5km. This however can be extended with external antennas allowing it to reach 2km.

The Tag has 2 built-in screw holes to help with installation, can be mounted in any orientation, and is designed to be weather-resistant. Tags can be named which helps you Identify where the alert has been triggered. Tags can be used for Mounting on gates, doors, plant machinery & personal belongings. 

Not compatible with Bluetooth Cubes.


"I use a uWatch Flat Cube and Tags to monitor a tractor barn and a shed where I keep farm machinery and a quad bike. These buildings are about 300 meters from my house and 50 meters from another building where I have installed the Flat Cube. The system works really well and alerts me on my phone if there is any attempt to enter the tractor barn or shed where the quad bike is stored. I use the PIR sensors and the vibration sensors on the Tags to trigger the alarm through the Flat Cube. I thoroughly recommend the system as it is very easy to install and gives great peace of mind. I am hoping uWatch will add a feature so that I can turn on a floodlight if there is any attempt to enter the buildings where these vehicles are stored." -Ron, West Sussex


“I use the cube in my van for security, as it will take a photo and will give a GPS location. I also have a Lora Tag in the cab of the van to detect movement. This gives me peace of mind as I am notified of any movements via the app on my phone. The support from uWatch has been amazing If I needed any help or information they responded quickly. I like the cube as it has its own sim card so I don’t need to rely on it connecting to Wi-Fi.” -Michael, Surrey