Securing your vehicle against theft

Non-serious crime continues to be widespread across the UK with 108,542 motor vehicle thefts(1) in England and Wales in 2021/22 and criminals are using military grade technology to get around vehicle security devices.

Keyless key extenders, Jammers and other such equipment are being brought on the web to help organised crime gangs steal high value vehicles to order which are then shipped outside of the UK.

Example of a jammer used by organised crime gangs

Recently the BBC(2) spoke with a couple from Essex whose £100,000 Range Rover was stolen from their drive. The vehicle was recovered a month later in a shipping container in the Port of Tilbury, in Essex but the family sadly were left shaken by the theft. Speaking with BBC the owners said "Police had said there was a chance that I'd been followed because they'd obviously got in it without the keys, so maybe they cloned the key or found a way to get into it when I'd been out and about, and I only ever go anywhere with my little toddler so it worried me then. I just found it really scary and the more I thought about it, the worse it got."

The theft took just 63 seconds and despite having CCTV no one knew the vehicle was stolen until the GPS alerted police that the vehicle was far away from the keys but the jammer used by the thieves prevented the police knowing its exact location. As no one was monitoring the CCTV the thief was allowed the time to bypass the vehicle's security and drive away with the car without ever needing the keys. 

We recently recreated this event for our demonstration video which you will find below and shows that if the vehicle had the uWatch system installed they could have been alerted within 10 Seconds to the break-in. Tests have also shown that the system would continue to send the alert even if the would-be thief had tried to use a jammer. A second alert would also be sent to their smartphone within a further 30 seconds still providing the owners time to discourage the thieves.

The instant alerts will prevent your vehicle from being stolen by providing you with the chance to stop the theft in progress. It will aid with recovery should the theft be successful as the police can dial 999 while the theft is in progress, rather than the following morning when you notice your vehicle or caravan is missing.

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