Super Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor

£68.00 (Ex. VAT)
(£81.60 Inc. VAT)
  • Utilises LoRa technology.
  • Will alert a uWatch Cube to activity within 10 seconds (when Cube is powered by USB).
  • Will alert a uWatch Cube to activity within 1 minute (when Cube is powered by batteries).
  • Range of up to 0.5km, which can be extended with external antennas allowing it to reach up to 2km.
  • Named Tags help you Identify where the alert has been triggered.
  • Suitable for mounting on gates, doors, plant machinery, personal belongings & much more.

A Super Tag comes with 3 types of sensors:

  • PIR: Detecting and alerting to motion in front of the sensor
  • Shock: Detecting and alerting to the physical movement of a door, machine, or object
  • Magnetic Switch: Detects when contact is broken with magnet, which is placed on the door or gate.