Super Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor
Super Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor
Super Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor
Super Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor
Super Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor

Super Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor

£68.00 (Ex. VAT)
(£81.60 Inc. VAT)
  • Tags utilise LoRa radio frequency technology (better range and penetration than Bluetooth) to pair with any LoRa Cube.
  • When a Tag is activated, it broadcasts a unique signal using LoRa which
    •  the uWatch Flat Cube will look for every 6-7 seconds. (when the Cube is powered by USB/mains).
    • a uWatch Smart Cube will look on average 30 seconds (when the Cube is powered by batteries/solar).
  • In spite of their small size, 48x45x25mm Tags have a range of anywhere up to 350m through buildings and 7 km clear line of sight.
  • Each Tag can be given a name so Instant alerts, delivered in real-time to the uWatch App will identify which one has been activated.
  • Successive alerts from multiple Tags will show a profile of activity. 
  • Tags have various fixing options including mounting brackets, cable ties, Velcro which comes as standard and magnetic saddles which can be purchased separately for instant attachment to iron.  Provides solutions for mounting on gates, doors, inside vehicles, machinery or tool sheds.
  • They are instantly re-deployable as requirements change.
  • Up to 10 Tags can be paired with a single Cube so a single system can address multiple challenges. Monitor a whole site over hundreds of hectares and secure all entranceways whilst simultaneously protecting a shed kilometres away or monitoring rat traps!

A Super Tag comes with 3 types of sensors:

  • PIR: Detecting and alerting to motion in front of the sensor
  • Shock: Detecting and alerting to the physical movement of a door, machine, or object
  • Magnetic Switch: Detects when contact is broken with a magnet, which is placed on the door or gate.

Sensors can be enabled all at once, or in any combination to give you full control on what type of alerts you receive and what triggers your Tags.


"I use a uWatch Flat Cube and Tags to monitor a tractor barn and a shed where I keep farm machinery and a quad bike. These buildings are about 300 meters from my house and 50 meters from another building where I have installed the Flat Cube. The system works really well and alerts me on my phone if there is any attempt to enter the tractor barn or shed where the quad bike is stored. I use the PIR sensors and the vibration sensors on the Tags to trigger the alarm through the Flat Cube. I thoroughly recommend the system as it is very easy to install and gives great peace of mind. I am hoping uWatch will add a feature so that I can turn on a floodlight if there is any attempt to enter the buildings where these vehicles are stored." -Ron, West Sussex


“I use the cube in my van for security, as it will take a photo and will give a GPS location. I also have a Lora Tag in the cab of the van to detect movement. This gives me peace of mind as I am notified of any movements via the app on my phone. The support from uWatch has been amazing If I needed any help or information they responded quickly. I like the cube as it has its own sim card so I don’t need to rely on it connecting to Wi-Fi.” -Michael, Surrey