Allotment Security


According to, “Many allotment sites suffer from vandalism and theft. Sometimes minor crime like the theft of pumpkins, squash etc, and sometimes major crime involving smashing of glass in greenhouses, breaking into sheds and even burning down of sheds”.

Most security solutions are expensive, need to be monitored, and don’t service individual plot holders, who may want to contact the police when they become victims, or provide other crime prevention solutions.


The uWatch system is inexpensive, as a single Cube plugged into the mains ½ a mile away can monitor multiple sheds, and alerts the owners individually.

Instead of each plot owner needing a Cube they just need a remote sensor, called a Tag which is 1/5 the price of a Cube. The plot owner is alerted within 40 seconds to their smartphone if a sensor inside their shed has been activated.

The Owner's Tag can be deactivated from their smart phone for a period of hours after which it switches itself back on. This avoids false alarms and improved battery life.

One user has their PIR Tag on a fence and it alerts them when the squirrels are harvesting his walnuts so they can take appropriate action.


Using this “free to use” app each allotment owner records their allotment tools and other vulnerables on the uWatch-it app which records an evidential picture of each item.

Owners report items that have been stolen or lost to other local users in seconds from the app. If an owner sees a lost/stolen tool, contact is made to the original owner through the app.

The Cube

The allotment association buys and powers the Cube. Each plot owner buys a Tag for detecting movement in & around their allotment plot or shed. A single Cube monitors up to 10 Tags.

When a Tag is triggered, the Cube sends an alert to the Tag Owner’s phone within 40 seconds.


This app creates an allotment community so each plot holder can report the allotment association on vandalism or thefts they discover and any other community concerns or useful information through the WeWatch app, in just 6 seconds, including pictures.

Moderators can be assigned by the allotment association to responds to reports, and forward relevant information back to other allotment owners.

If your allotment management team would be interested in our system, please contact us to discuss your requirements further.

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Super Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor
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