Home Care - Case Study

Our Cube can be used for a range of applications, one of which is home care monitoring. It can be challenging to help look after those we care for without having them feel like they're losing their independence. Using our Cube, our customer David Hopkins has been using our cube since 2017 to help monitor his 90-year-old mother without needing to visit, giving her vital independence and reassuring him that his mother is ok. 

David's Cube is mounted to view his mother's front door with the camera switched off. This allows him to receive a PIR alert when she walks by the cube so he knows she has not fallen, whilst also respecting her privacy. On two occasions the Cube not alerting him to her movement has enabled him to visit and contact paramedics to help her following a fall. 

David has also set up the Cube to monitor room temperatures. If the temperature drops or climbs out of a pre-set temperature range set by David, an alert will be sent. This allows David to contact his mother to investigate, or again visit and look at the issue. 

These alerts allow David to continue with his busy days, safe in the knowledge that his mother is ok. Without the Cube David would have to visit daily, causing both stress to himself and stripping his mother of independence. He would also be unable to monitor any extreme temperature changes throughout the day. 

We are grateful to David for allowing us to share his experience. for more infomation visit our Care Monitoring page here & below you will find suitable products to help monitor your love ones below.