Boat Security

Boat Security

One uWatch Cube will monitor entry ways for boats & monitor up to 10 remote sensors.

You will be alerted to your mobile phone in 40 seconds if someone is on your boat.


  • One Smart Cube
    • Plugged into a 5V USB socket.
    • or one Flat Cube 
  • The uWatch app
  • One or more LoRa SmartTags remote sensores for entry points, solar panels & other high value items.

How does it work?

The Tags sensors are set-up for the correct type of activation.

  • PIR - Movement in front of the sensor
  • Shock – The sensor is knocked, moved, or vibrates

The Bilge float switch can be mounted to trigger an alert should the space it is installed begin to fill with water. 


  • Smart Cube Can take an image when activated via PIR, shock sensors or a remote tag.
  • Flat Cube Once the remote sensor is triggered it will Cube admit an audible alarm within 10 seconds and send a mobile alert after 30 seconds.

If you would like to discuss your boat security requirements further, please contact a member of our team.



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Float Switch Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor
Float Switch Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor
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