Vehicle Theft

Vehicle thefts

Over 72,000 vehicles were stolen in 2022, with five Rolls Royce cars being stolen in one night on a single street in London.

One uWatch Cube will monitor sensors, known as LoRa SmartTags mounted inside the vehicle.

You will be alerted in 10 seconds if your Tag has been activated. Here is a video demostrating how it works.


How does it work?

The Tags sensors are configured for the correct type of activation.

  • PIR - Motion in front of the sensor
  • Shock – The sensor is moved or vibrates


  • Flat Cube Simply plug in and switch on tag to set-up. Once the remote sensor is triggered it will admit an audible alarm within 10 seconds.
  • Smart Cube Can take an image if the intruder or used as an audible alarm.

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Super Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor
Super Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor
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Super Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor - long range
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Smart Cube Security Alert System
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