Vehicle Theft

1 in every 100 Land Rovers was stolen in 2023 (according to and DVLA data).


Prevent theft? this does:

Installed and fully working in 2 minutes in any vehicle, the Cube will wake you up in under 10 seconds if someone enters your car even if it is parked 300m down the road in time to prevent its theft.

Prevent theft? These don’t:

  • CCTV is expensive and to prevent theft you have to sit up all night watching it.  Just see the number of videos documenting theft on YouTube.
  • The Apple Air tag is cheap but only tracks your vehicle as long as the thieves are not using a jammer, only works for Apple users and within the limited range of Bluetooth, where other users might be, which is not outside of towns.

What happens to stolen vehicles?

Within 4 hours a vehicle stolen for spares will be in a chop shop and completely dismantled. Typically, Ford Fiestas or old and new Land Rovers.

You will be alerted in 10 seconds if your Tag has been activated. Here is a video demonstrating how it works.


How does it work?

The Tags sensors are configured for the correct type of activation.

  • PIR - Motion in front of the sensor
  • Shock – The sensor is moved or vibrates


  • Flat Cube Simply plug in and switch on tag to set-up. Once the remote sensor is triggered it will admit an audible alarm within 10 seconds.
  • Smart Cube Can take an image if the intruder or used as an audible alarm.

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Super Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor
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