Pest Control

Pest Control

One uWatch Cube will monitor an area & up to 20 remote sensors, known as LoRa SmartTags.

You will be alerted to pests or trap activations within 40 seconds if your Tag has been activated.


How does it work?

Tags can be installed to monitor entry points and traps sensors configured to activate based on requirements.

  • PIR – Detects warm bodies of movement in front of the sensor.
  • Shock – Triggers when moved or shaken.


  • Solar Cube Monitors outside areas where no mains power is available nearby.
  • Flat Cube When a remote sensor is triggered it will admit an audible alarm within 10 seconds.
  • Smart Cube Will capture an image of the area when triggered and send the alert to your phone with the image.


If you would like to discuss your pest requirements further, please contact a member of our team.

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Smart Cube Security Alert System
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Super Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor
Super Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor
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Super Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor - long range
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