Stalking and Sexual Harassment

WeWatch empowers the Night Time Industry to stamp out predatory activities.


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97% of young woman, and 1 in 8 men, has personally experienced or observed their friends being subjected to sexual harassment while on a night out.  Now they can individually or as a small group record what they see as evidence of predatory activity.

The police are unable to address the issues at source because their reporting system, 101, takes 20 minutes to contact, so WeWatch has been developed to make the reporting of events instant and hence the police’s job easier.



The WeWatch system enables users to instantly record and report pictures, video or sounds of anything they are not happy with.


How it works

In just 4 screen taps WeWatch captures what happens to you, your friends and other club goers.

A reported incident is instantly uploaded to the local security company, club owner or bouncer’s phone. They can be back talking to you in matter of seconds, and can also escalate to the police.

The evidence from you, your friends and others is accumulated so the police can cross-examine historical incidents. Repeat offenders are identified and the appropriate action is taken.

You can also setup your own local group to share what each other reports, wherever you are, even on a hen night in Majorca.

The system costs just £4 per year per person, for unlimited use. That's less than the average cost of a pint in the UK.

Contact us and we will send you detailed instructions on how you can set up your own We Watch group, which can’t be infiltrated by anyone, to stamp out sexual harassment.