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You will be told repeatedly by police crime prevention officers to take and store pictures and record details of your possessions in case they get stolen. There are all sorts of registers available forbicycles, cars, antiques, pets and so on but uWatch-it is the only app that instantly stores details of all of your possessions in one place, and manages them if they get stolen. 




  • Available in any language  
  • Stores pictures, descriptions, serial numbers, purchase invoices in the cloud
  • Record Datatag and other unique ID information.
  • Quick to retrieve, edit, add or delete items
  • Full detail can be uploaded to social media, insurance companies and the police. 
  • Stolen or lost items are automatically published on the Dodgy Gear Bulletin board
  • Single payment for life (10 years). Includes upgrades and enhancements.
  • Retrieve your messages of local criminal activity and report items as found.
  • Feature to record suspicious vehicles
  • Feature to make “one tap” emergency phone call.
  • The dodgy gear app is included to view other stolen items.


The uWatch-it app fully integrates with WeWatch as part of your community watch scheme. 


  • Items reported as stolen alerted to other local members in 6 seconds including pictures.


uWatch-it App
uWatch-it App
uWatch-It Commercial Licence
uWatch-It Commercial Licence
£137.50 (Ex. VAT)