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WeWatch is a community intelligence management system which delivers watch group observations directly to the responsible authority. These observations are recorded and delivered securely and in real-time, in “small data” format without the innuendos, conjecture and opinions that devalue social media.  


The system includes the Controller, local Officers, And Members. The categories of intelligence to be captured are created by the Controller and appear on the member's WeWatch app. These can be amended as required providing flexibility.

The intelligence is delivered in real-time to the Controller and then automatically, where relevant, to the local Officer. While data is primarily generated by the WeWatch app the Organiser can allow Cube and Watch-It app users to join the group and their intelligence included.



The main functions are

The Controller: a member or members who are nominated by the organisation to manage the system on a PC or tablet.
• Registers and manages WeWatch Officers and knows who is logged on and active.
• Manages Members and messages them.
• Manage the intelligence categories and recipients and set alarms
• Receives real-time accumulating intelligence which can be mapped on screen.
• Analyses the data and identifies any that should be escalated to higher authorities.

Officer: Manages their area & acts as Member’s “go to” individual. They are registered by the Controller and receive applicable intelligence generated within their local area or category on the WeWatch Officer’s app.

Members: download the app, register while at their home address and selects the local organisation they want to be a member of. This creates the record that appears on the Controller’s application

Intelligence collected including relevant date, time, location, picture, vehicle registration and comments is delivered to the Officer in real-time and they can be back speaking to the Member within 20 seconds should they need to. Members are able to view the history of the intelligence they have created on the app should they need to.


A police-preferred community app designed for local groups with their agenda (categories of intelligence) from bird watching and environment monitoring to pest control and crime prevention.

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