Bicycle Theft


According to, “74,421 bike thefts were reported to England and Wales police
between July 2021 and June 2022. That means that a bike was stolen every 7 minutes in England &
Wales in 2022. This is reported cases: the actual number of bike thefts would have been at least
double that.”


The uWatch Cube alerts the owner within 10 seconds that a Tag on their bike or in their shed or
container, which is up to 300m away through buildings, has been activated. It then sends an alert to
both the Owner’s phone within 40 seconds.

Download the uWatch-it app for free from the app store. Record the details of your bike, and any
other vulnerable possessions up in the cloud before you become a victim.

Owners report stolen bikes to other local uWatch-it app users in seconds. If a user sees a lost/stolen
bike, contact is made with the original owner through the app.

Record a copy of the purchase invoice so you have all the information to hand to make your
insurance claim.

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Super Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor
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Super Tag Wireless Security Alert Sensor - long range
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Smart Cube Security Alert System
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